Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sigma 70-200mm Macro

Sigma 70-200mm macro

Just a quick roadtest of the Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8 II EX DG MACRO HSM.

This shot was taken at F5.6 1/320th @ ISO 200. Look at that DOF. This was taken at the minimum distance this lens focuses at which is constant through its full range at 100cm/39.4in and maximum magnification of 1:3.5.

I've done a quick curves adjustment, but nothing else. No sharpening.

Personally I've never used a macro lens before because it hasn't been a priority for me, and although this isn't a 'true' macro it looks like it's going to be fun. I can understand why light is so important for macro work now. If I want any kind of DOF I'm going to have to light my subject up to get a decent aperture.

I plan to use this lens mainly for sport and also for some theatre work so I'll be sure to post further results once I've had a chance to try it out.


MedicineMan999 said...

Did you ever use the Sigma 70-200 Macro for the theatre work? I ask because I've mistakenly become the owner of this lens and need it for situations where I surely could use more light. If so how did the pictures turn out?

Bruce Elliott said...

I have done, and still do. Unfortunately they're all done for a School so I can't post them here. Honestly, they're mixed. I've had some amazing photos, and some stinkers... but I always get enough decent photos to get the job done. The bottom line is that it will come down to the body that you attach it to! I have it attached to a D700. This particular theatre has, in terms of lighting, all sorts of deadspots & highlights. The camera and lens cope with most of it, but I still don't like shooting above 1600 ISO and at times I still struggle for light. I actually shoot with exposure compensation set to -0.7 in this particular theatre... and always shoot RAW. Would I prefer to be shooting with a Nikon lens for this work? Absolutely. Am I willing to pony up the money for it? Nope. Can I get the shots I need with the combination I have? Undoubtedly. The only way to know if it will work for you is to try it. For me, it's right at the limit of workable.